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Portland Show Guide

10/29/2022 @ starday tavern

[ 6517 SE Foster Rd ]

Psych/Punk “DEATHORCIST” EP Release Show Debut Of DEATHORCIST - Former Members Of A Happy Death & The English Language DEATHORCIST. DEATHORCIST. DEATHORCIST. From hell they came - three looming figures emerging from the cemetery fog. They’re damned to tear off your ears, feast on your TV eyes, then bury you alive. Welcome to the boogie nightmare that bleeds into your dreams. DEATHORCIST was founded by Ryan Joseph (A Happy Death), Kyle Langlois and Andrew McKenna (The English Language). Although it started as a casual musical project, DEATHORCIST quickly became an ambitious DIY writing and recording factory. Headquartered in an East Portland graveyard, what once was the mortician’s carriage house is now the studio and rehearsal space of DEATHORCIST. Their eclectic mix of bangers and ballads have a unique throwback veneer that absolutely kills. On stage, Ryan and Kyle switch between shredding guitar/bass and singing while Andrew keeps the skin-smashing percussion authentic to the gods of psych, punk and

  • 21+
  • 10/29/2022
  • Time: 8pm-10pm
  • $Free
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starday tavern

6517 SE Foster Rd, Portland, OR

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